Agenda Show at Long Beach.

I was able to attend the Agenda Show at the Long Beach Convention Center last weekend and took some photos for you guys to get a preview of all the awesome things to look forward to! For those of you who don’t know, Agenda is similar to SIA, but more focused on streetwear, fashion, skate, surf, sneakers and hardgoods. This year they also had a Berrics curated skate section, and a Women’s voice section! It was organized very well and they put on a pretty good show! Check the photos below to get a taste.

volcom booth. all earthy and stuff.

part of the landyachtz line up.

Nikita’s new Copson Street Line looking sick as ever.

Cache Valley’s own Denik at the show!

Hurley had a printing press going to make your own custom tee.

some prints at the sheepbox of prints booth by Ed Templeton.

girl art show.

Baker & Shake Junt wares.

Adidas line up.

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